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Mark Carey


NEXTIMATE – Maximum Exposure Pricing for transaction ready buyers and sellers

Today the amount of real estate information available to real estate consumers is exponentially greater than just a year ago and the trend for more data shows no signs of slowing.

This is fantastic news for the real estate consumer whether they are selling, buying, leasing or investing in real estate.

For sellers all of the relevant property, neighborhood and market information is at their fingertips to prepare data for marketing content that best highlights their property.

Buyers can receive real time notifications of new listings directly to a mobile device for properties that fit their exact criteria along with contact information and showing instructions.

Although data educates the real estate consumer the real estate transaction requires a finely tuned balance of timing, conditions and price. Balancing this criteria requires experience in the market and the business of real estate but more importantly the balancing of the people and the relationships required to complete the transaction.

When it comes to price too often the real estate consumer relies on a list price or more recently the estimate provided by a real estate information portal like Zillow. These are great tools for identifying properties to consider but when it comes down to pricing a property for a transaction such as listing a property for sale or making an offer the real estate consumer requires and must demand more from its agents.

At Next Phase Property we understand that pricing a property must take into account the property information and market conditions but also the people and relationships required for a successful transaction.

The right price matched with the right conditions for the particular transaction requires knowledge and expertise that Next Phase Property provides its customers by starting with a NEXTIMATE as a base line for a real estate transaction for their next phase.

A NEXTIMATE for sellers will identify the right price to list a property to generate the maximum amount of exposure and market demand based on a property owners goals and objectives for the sale balanced with the target buyer’s conditions and requirements to complete the transaction.

A NEXTIMATE for buyers will identify the right price to offer to purchase a specific property based on the consumers conditions and requirements to complete the transaction balanced with the requirements and conditions of the particular seller.

If you are a real estate transaction ready consumer and want to professionally balance the price for your transaction then contact me to review your goals and objectives and get a NEXTIMATE for your transaction or simply provide your contact information along with an address for your NEXTIMATE in the following contact form